“Our Ramblings”

Are you interested in hearing what our instructors and staff have to share? Looking for more information on a variety of topics? You’ve come to the right place then! On this page you will find various articles and information shared by our staff to help expand your knowledge in topics related to our offerings.

  • Just Move!
    In today’s society, many lead sedentary lives without much active movement. Think about it. We work at desks, on computers all day. We park as close as we can, and take the elevators. When we get home, we sit on the couch and “veg out.” Your body isn’t made for this lifestyle. It is very… Read more: Just Move!
  • Basic CPR Concepts
    So you’ve never taken a CPR course and want to know some basics to help someone in need. CPR is a relatively easy skill to perform, with just a few basic steps. First Step: Make sure they need help. You can do this by “shake and shout,” tap the person’s shoulder and shout “are you… Read more: Basic CPR Concepts