Just Move!

In today’s society, many lead sedentary lives without much active movement. Think about it. We work at desks, on computers all day. We park as close as we can, and take the elevators. When we get home, we sit on the couch and “veg out.” Your body isn’t made for this lifestyle.

It is very beneficial to get up and move around. How much movement do you need to do? Any is better than none. Current recommendations are 150 minutes a week, which equates to 30 minutes a day. Can’t commit that much time? Can you set aside 5 minutes? 10? Each minute adds up and before long you’re moving and creating lifelong health benefits.

Need some ideas for moving more? Rather than finding the closest parking spot park further out. Use the stairs instead of the elevators. Instead of calling the coworker down the hall, walk to their office to talk to them. Instead of sitting on the couch all evening, go for a short walk and invite your family to walk with you. All these items can be easily incorporated into your day to help get you moving.