Welcome to CPR Pensacola!

We get many inquiries from our students about which CPR class they need to take.  There are a few questions that can help determine which class is the one for you.  Please read the descriptions and information on each course, and be able to make the decision for yourself!

1.  Do you prefer a traditional classroom format or are you more interested in a blended learning option?  For those that prefer working more at their own pace and coming in for a shorter skills practice and evaluation session, then find the Skills Session on our course listing for the certification you need (i.e. BLS Skills, ACLS Skills, PALS Skills, or Blended Heartsaver course.)  If you prefer the more traditional classroom setting, then simply look for the certification by type (i.e. Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, etc.)

2.  Do you currently work in or do you plan to work in a Healthcare setting?  These positions almost always require the Basic Life Support (BLS) certification.  You can complete this in either a blended-learning or traditional classroom format.

3.  Are you working in childcare, construction, maritime, or similar fields?  These fields typically require the Heartsaver course.  Depending on your specific requirements, you may need First Aid and CPR/AED, or just CPR/AED.  Check with your supervisor or licensing prior to registration to ensure you complete the correct course.

4.  Do I need to take a full class or can I attend the update/renewal course?  In order to attend as an update/renewal student, you must have a CURRENT, unexpired AHA provider card (not Red Cross, MTN, ASHI, etc.).  If you have expired by even a single day or do not have an AHA card, you are not eligible for the update/renewal course (compare this to your professional license, once it has passed its date.)

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